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Why Use Civic & Commercial
Mercantile Services?

Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services is the leading mercantile service provider of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Being the proud members of IMA [Institute of Mercantile Agents], we are locally based civic and commercial mercantile services providers catering to major clients all across legal and financial industries including other mercantile agencies locally and nationally all across Australia and New Zealand.

With 30+years of experience in the Mercantile Industry, we primarily concentrate on process server and field call services for businesses and clients across a line-up of industries and customer segments. In addition, we also offer other extended services including skip trace services, court attendance, real estate lockout, document lodgement and other commercial services.

We would be happy to discuss the benefits of services with your business.

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Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services are the preferred service provider for a large number of major local law firms in the nation’s capital.

As proud members of the Institute of Mercantile Agents (IMA), we have direct access to a dedicated network of agents throughout Australia.

Our clients are confident that when a document needs to be served that Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services has the capacity to complete instructions in a prompt and time-efficient manner.

Our network of like-minded Commercial Agents across the nation are just a phone call away and will undertake the service of your documents as a priority if and when required.

Our agents endeavour to have your documents successfully served by interviewing occupants and neighbours to obtain as much information as possible to enable any application for substitute service to be made confidently.

At the completion of service, your office will receive an affidavit of service, outlining all information in the correct court format and signed by our agent and one of our network of in house and external Justices of The Peace.

*Available for personal pickup in ACT City area

*NSW Licensed Agents

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Motor vehicles, plant and equipment, & real estate lockup

Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services has undertaken repossession activities on behalf of our clients across Australia for over 12 years.

Our agents who are employed directly by Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services are fully trained in house to complete these activities in a professional and timely manner.

Our agents who are trained to recover assets are also fully aware of their responsibilities under all legislative requirements for repossession services.

Our agents who are able to undertake activities in the ACT are also licensed in NSW with a Commercial and Private Inquiry Agent license.

Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services offer a timely response to your instructions with full updating to meet your requirements. Your office will receive a full report along with a detailed asset inspection report including digital photographs at the completion of the task.

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Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services agents are trained to conduct field call services on your behalf to either assist in making contact with and interviewing your client’s debtor, or to make a demand for payment.

Our agents will attend and assist in confirming identities of individuals, home and business attendances for debt/financial/examination interview, occupancy check, pre-lockout property inspections, a pre-purchase inspection (generally motor vehicles), insurance issue interviews related to motor vehicle accidents to obtain that missing link. Services in this field are detailed and competitively priced.

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Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services agents are qualified to attend to that court hearing examination on behalf of your client in both ACT and NSW court systems.

Further to this service, our agents are trained in lodging your court documents in the ACT Supreme, Magistrates, ACAT, and Family court systems saving your client the time and bother of attending in person.

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Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services offers a skip trace service to our clients where it is absolutely a requirement to find an individual that is crucial to your client’s case.

This service has been operating for the past 5 years and has proven to be a most successful tool in the services we offer, with many organisations taking advantage of the service.

All enquiries in this service are welcome by contacting our office directly.

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Civic & Commercial Mercantile Services has established itself as a business that offers high quality service to its clients and this is no different when it comes to representing your client’s interest when it is necessary to secure a property.

We have developed an excellent rapport with the Sheriff’s Office both in ACT and in NSW which is essential in ensuring the smooth task of taking possession of the property.

Our agents have several years’ experience in this task and are committed to provide professional service attendance, obtaining digital photographic evidence and complete reporting for your organisation.

We have a dedicated select number of professional locksmiths that attend to ensuring not only access but value for money when attending to a property lock change.

All enquiries in this service are welcome by contacting our office directly.

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Working nationally within Australia, we partner with a range of local and regional Government solicitors to take care of their process serving requirements. Our Government clients can expect efficient and reliable services from our experienced team. We deliver all documents for Governments in a professional manner.

For Government process server enquiries, please contact our friendly team.


What Happens If My Documents weren’t Served in Time?

If at all we fail to serve your court documents we’ll be providing you with a sworn statement (affidavit) of utmost tried services (process servers or document servers). You can submit this statement as an explanation showing why the respondent couldn’t be served with a court notice. Letting you apply for a fill-in service to meet your needs.

Why Hire a Private Investigator for a Skip Tracing case?

Skip tracing a person is not an easy job, especially if it’s someone who doesn’t want to be found. Private investigators are your best-skilled experts in finding a person. Through their breadth of knowledge and access to legal databases, a licensed private investigator can easily track down records of information and efficiently track down the person on behalf. They use their legal credentials, skills and other deft tricks to deliver optimal results to clients of varied needs.

When Should I Call a Locksmith?

Call locksmiths when you have the lost key or lock/key replacements situations or anything at all to do with lock and key. From homes, offices, assets, properties or any other precious things, locksmiths save you from any kind of lock-out situation which needs to be secure. For example: In situations where you may need to replace the old locks of property you have acquired, lost the safe key, locked out of a car or house- a skilled professional locksmith can easily get you out of any sticky lock-key situation without much stretch

How Do I Get My Documents to the Process Server?

Usually, the court documents are mailed online to the court or tribunal portal in PDF formats. After which you’ll be getting the seal of the same from the portal to serve the other party. All you need to do is attach these copies to an instruction mail on what, how and mail it to us. Or in case you are filing the documents in person with a tribunal or court then you will be handed a hard copy of the same, which can either be scanned and sent as PDF files or posted directly to our offices along with an instruction letter.

Why Do You Need Field Call Services?

Field services are one of the critical tracking ground services that can be quite handy in acquiring various scales vital details. It helps in building and establishing all kinds of relations and goals to achieve positive outcomes for clients.

We are decked with experienced, trained and licensed field agents who can collect priceless pieces of information all through Australia, helping you make the right decisions to take your next step in case of non-payments or other defaulted issues. Some of the key areas of field call services include verification of personal IDs, set in up-to-date communication for contact, background checks, gathering pieces of evidence, examination, etc.

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